Counter-intelligence and defense against industrial espionage


Spying is frequently labeled the second oldest profession in the world.

It is still prospering, although the political blocs which stood opposed to each other broke apart or modified politically.

What has changed are the objectives and the techniques, which have adjusted to the political circumstances of today´s world.

Counter-intelligence has to be aware of  these changes in order to master the new multifaceted challenges and tasks.


The following pages illustrate these miscellaneous aspects.

It is clearly shown that apart from “traditional” spying, meaning one state explores the secrets of another one in order to gain political or military advantages, there are new categories to keep an eye on.

Industrial espionage and transfer of know-how, for example, are aimed at economic, financial or scientific benefits, while proliferation serves to provide certain nations with NBC weapons, more specifically  components which are forbidden to be supplied to those nations by international agreements.


Several foreign states focus their activities on the  surveillance of their political opponents living in Germany .


Counter-intelligence feeds on information. The support of the public is of paramount importance. If you happen to know of any spying efforts or suspect someone of spying, please, do not hesitate to give the North Rhine-Westphalia Office for the Protection of the Constitution sufficient notice. You can contact us in confidence at any time by calling:



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